It’s nearly that time of year again where it’s perfectly acceptable to eat as much cake as you want for breakfast woohoo! We’ve been busy here at NTT registering thousands of people to take part in the event, making sure people have everything they need and have some good ideas to make their coffee morning a great success.

Last year Macmillan raised just over a staggering £25 million via the coffee morning alone, which will go towards helping people struggling with cancer because no one should face cancer alone.

If you would like to find out more about holding a coffee morning click here –


Last week I went to the ‘Direct Marketing for Fundraisers’  Institute of Fundraising conference in London. It was interesting to hear so many talented people talk about working in their specialised areas of the sector.

One of my personal favorites was a session led by Maria Philips from Watson Philips Norman a direct marketing company. Maria was talking about DRTV adverts in particular, she showed us a selection of charity appeals for different causes using this method.

The one that really struck a cord with me was a Save The Children role reversal type advert. It consisted of a little girl doing every day things here in the UK, then as the advert continues it gradually slips into more disturbing scenes of the UK under attack. The advert shows the devastating impact on a child living in a war zone. It really makes you think.

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