Why is that important?

Why is that reason to celebrate (with a strange football terrace-like chant)?

What does it even mean?

Well maybe I should answer your last question first, if you don’t mind.

It’s an audit and award run by the Telephone Preference Service. Its endorsed by the Institute of Fundraising and it signifies an organisation complies with PECR, Ofcom guidance and TPS guidance on best practice.

It’s basically the gold standard. GOLD. Like a winner gets gold. Rare and precious and a reward for being pretty damn good. It means NTT complies with all the rules governing telemarketing.

Systems, polices, processes, protocols, databases all gone over with a fine toothcomb. We were pretty confident, having the two big ISO certificates already, but this is the big one, and we get a shiny? gold green badge to prove it.


Why is it a reason to celebrate? Well no other organisation within the sector, no charity, no agency has successfully passed this audit. We’re the first. So yeah, banging a drum right now. Bang bang.

Why is it important? (O.K so yes it is important for us, and we are proud) But it’s important for the sector. It’s important charities, it’s important for the public, it’s important for donors and supporters.

Because we need to restore the faith. The faith that has been lost, the faith that is vital, the faith that makes us all stronger. We need to show people that fundraising isn’t about dodgy dealings, blurring lines, ignoring rules or increasing margins without consequence. We need to show the public that we listen, that we will take action to change and that we will respect their wishes at every stage of their relationship with the charities they give to.

This isn’t that last step, not by any means, but it is a vital step forward. Let’s get some confidence back. Let’s get some faith back.

I think I’m going to paste that little logo again.