The End of Ebola (Athene’s Documentary)

On twitter yesterday I came across a truly inspirational documentary named ‘The End of Ebola’, made by a well known online gamer who’s widely referred to by his online pseudonym, Athene. He has previously set up the charity fundraising event named ‘Gaming for Good’. GFG is a campaign where game developers allow gamers to access their games and play online, in exchange for donations. Gaming for Good has raised over $20,000,000 for Save the Children so far.

Athene’s next campaign was to rise awareness and funds for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. So he flew out to Liberia and made a documentary about it, Athene was accompanied by his friend and by Save the Children aid workers. The documentary follows Athene through different villages in Liberia, into make shift hospitals and isolation centres, speaking to doctors, nurses, aid workers and people that have been effected by the deadly disease.

Whilst in Liberia, Athene interviewed a 14 year old boy named Mohammad, a Ebola survivor, who sadly had lost his mother and sister to the disease. This interview was broadcast onto Reddit, one of the most popular websites online, the documentary gained a lot of recognition through this and continues to raise funds from it.

You can watch the documentary here –



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